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About us and copyright


At present the Institute offer about five positions to 8 staff members and 7 scientists. As an independent Institute, we battle with finances, and our activities are largely financed by gifts and donations, supplemented by fees from research contracts and orders. We are making efforts to maintain and extend the circle of sponsors, who are welcome.


The Institute of Flow Sciences has been visited by thousands of people many of whom became interested and excited by their experiences there. When seen in this manner the intended ‘products’ of the Institute are not primarily technical know-how, but generating of awareness and ecouraging a feel for water on the basis of modern scientific research with an anthroposophical background. Appointments for visits may be obtained on request from the office.

Institute of Flow Sciences

Verein fuer Bewegungsforschung

Stutzhofweg 11

D-79737 Herrischried

phone: +49-7764-93330

mail: sekretariat@stroemungsinstitut.de


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